How to SpamAssassin – Bayes Database / PART I

Bayes Database

First we train the bayes database with know spam. We use the SPAM Archive and download the latest archive.

As Root User type

cd /tmp wget 7z x 2017-03.7z sa-learn --dbpath
/var/spool/amavisd/.spamassassin --progress --spam /tmp/2017/03 sa-learn --dbpath
/var/spool/amavisd/.spamassassin --progress --spam /home/*/Maildir/.Junk

Now SPAM was learned and we continue to import some HAM.

sa-learn --dbpath /var/spool/amavisd/.spamassassin --progress --ham /home/*/Maildir/cur

Notice: Tested on Centos7.

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